Sunday, July 10, 2011

My first award:)

I had been just back from  my vacation to Florida and was wondering about my entries sent to the "healing foods- BANANA" event hosted by Krithi of Krithi's kitchen  along with Siri of Cooking with Siri.When i chceked my inbox , I saw a mail from  Krithi. Thought it must be the mail about the round up... I was partially right. It was indeed a mail to inform about  the round-up and so also about the winners of the giveaways.. I have never been lucky in winning in the lucky draws:((  But this time I had won...It might sound funny... but as soon as i read the mail, I jumped from my chair and shouted ...hooray!!!I won.. i won... It was like the child in me had taken over:))

This award means a lot to me as this is my first since I entered the wonderful world of blogging. So thanks Krithi and Siri..To know more about the round up , click here..

Thanks for stopping by:)


  1. Thanks for stoppng by my space dear. have a wonderful blog.happy to follow u.

  2. Congrats dear ~ very well deserved! Wish you many many more to come :)
    US Masala

  3. Hi Shubha,

    I came here from krithi's kitchen announcement about banana round up winner. Congrats!!! your recipe was really yummay.