Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I  prepare chaklis in many ways. One is the way my mom makes. It makes use of rice flour and roasted urad dal powder. My mom uses coconut milk to make the chakli dough. Its very yummy. But for this diwali ,I decided to use my mother-in-law's recipe for masala chakli. I tried to stick to her recipe, but you can reduced the spice and the fat a little if you wish.


  1. Rice Flour - 500 gms
  2. Puttani kadle or roasted chana or dalia - 200 gms
  3. Unsalted butter - 100 gms
  4. Red chilli powder - 2 -3 tsp or as per taste
  5. Salt as per taste
  6. Ajwain - 1 tsp
  7. Oil for frying the chaklis
  8. Hing powder or asaefotida - 3/4 tsp
  • Grind the puttani kadle in to a powder using a dry grinder.
  • Mix  this powder with the rice flour.Add the ajwain , red chili powder , hing and salt .
  • Melt the butter and add it to the flour mixture.Mix well.
  • Now add water to make a chakli dough. Make golf sized balls of the dough.
  • Put the these balls in to the chakli mould.
  • Make chaklis on a parchment paper.
  • Heat the oil. When the oil is hot , put these chaklis and fry them.
  • There are two types of chakli templates available. One with a single star and the other has multiple star openings.
  • I use the template with multiple star openings. I make the chaklis directly in the oil rather than making separate on a parchment paper and then putting it in the oil. Its just my choice to save time and we do not mind pieces of the chakli rather than a whole chakli. The choice is entirely yours.

I am sending this recipe to the blog event "FESTIVAL POTLUCK" hosted by Krithi and Denny