Monday, April 10, 2017

Overnight Oats

A healthy,hearty breakfast is very necessary to give a good start to the day. It fuels the body for the whole day grind. It is necessary to intake food with good amount of proteins and fiber. But on top of all the health benefits, if your breakfast is easy to prepare or if I may say, it is ready to eat when you wake up in the morning, then its just ultimate.

Today, I will be sharing a quick breakfast recipe .."Overnight Oats". Assemble the ingredients in a mason jar, tall glass or a bowl.Store in the refrigerator. Next day, add in the fruits of your choice and top it with granola, your breakfast is ready to be eaten. NO COOKING AT ALL :))

Oats is the primary ingredients in this recipe. Rolled oats works best for this recipe. Apart from several nutrient values, Oats has high dietary fiber. Also due to cholesterol reducing properties Oats has become a prominent health food.

Also with oats , I have also used chia seeds. Chia seeds are a good source of fiber and is rich in Omega -3 . Oats along with chia seeds give you a feel of fullness and curb any hunger cravings. You can very well play with the choice of fruits. I have added the fruits that I had in hand. We have been trying to reduce regular milk in our diet and using almond milk in its place. That's the reason , I have used almond milk here but if you wish, you could use regular milk instead.

You can very well make and serve these overnight oats in a tall glass or a mason jar. I like eating this way. But my DH finds it more convenient eating from a bowl .So you can prepare any way you like.

Note: All measurements are based on the US measuring cup and spoon sizes where 1 cup = 235 ml
Serves 1
  • Rolled oats (I used Quaker Old Fashioned Oats) : 1/4 cup
  • Chia Seeds : 1 tbsp
  • Almond milk : 1/2 cup- 3/4 cup (Adjust as per your liking)
  • Dates : 3 (pitted and finely chopped)
  • Almonds: 4
  • Raisins : 1 tsp
  • Pistachios : 4
  • Fruits (chopped) of your choice (I used mangoes, strawberries and banana)
  • Granola : 2 tbsp (you can adjust this quantity as per your need)
  • Honey / Agave nectar as per taste (Optional: I did not you it but you may for added sweetness)

  • Take a tall glass or a bowl. Add the oats, chia seeds, almond milk, dates and nuts. Cover with a cling wrap and refrigerate overnight.

  • The next morning, take it out and leave it on the counter top for 10 minutes prior to eating. Add the chopped fruits .Lastly , top it with granola. If you wish, you may drizzle a spoon of honey and agave nectar (P.S: The sweetness from the fruits and dates was good enough for me. Hence I did not add more honey or agave nectar).Simple, healthy and a quick breakfast is ready.

Do check out the detailed video :


  1. Healthy, filling and yummy breakfast.

  2. Chia seeds, I read, helps in weight reduction! So double benefit!! Good.

    1. Chia seeds have the property of absorbing liquids.. so even after consumption it continues its work.. giving a sense of fullness:)

  3. Does this recipe work with Quick oats too, like Quaker's?

    1. I have not tried it myself but i believe it should work with quick oats.

  4. Speak about waiting up to a healthy and power packed breakfast. This is it, also, the convenient breakfast.

    1. YEs.. that what i like about it..when u wake up its ready for u:)

  5. Such a healthy recipe. This is a must try for me. :)