Friday, November 10, 2017

Snake guard curry

I have always said, my mom is my cooking guru. Growing up, I was fortunate to eat such amazing food prepared by mom. The best part about my mum's cooking is that it is very simple, minimal ingredients yet so delicious that makes you feel so good. Today, I will share with you a delicious Snake guard curry that I learnt to make from my mom. This curry is sweet, a little spicy , oozing with flavors from coconut and cumin seeds. I have used cashews to act as the thickening agent but you can replace it by semolina / suji /rava.

Snake guard is a great vegetable. While using this vegetable in this curry, we will be cutting it length wise, remove the core (DO NOT throw the core away. I will be using it in another recipe. ). After getting out the core, chop the snake guard into small pieces

Note: All measurements are based on the US measuring cup and spoon sizes where 1 cup = 235 ml
  • Snake guard (remove the core and chop it into small pieces) : 4 cups (See Notes)
  • Fresh grated coconut : 1 cup ( If using frozen coconut, thaw before using)
  • Jaggery : 75 gms (adjust according to taste)
  • Cashews : 10 (See notes)
  • Green chillies (small variety) : 2-3 (adjust according to taste)
  • Cumin seeds / jeera : 1 tsp
  • Salt as per taste.
  • Water : 2.5 cups

  • Grind the fresh coconut, green chillies, cashews and cumin seeds into a ground paste using a little water. Set it aside.

  • Take the chopped snake guard in a deep bottomed pot. Add water and jaggery. Cook the mixture until the snake guard is cooked.

  • Add the ground mixture to the cooked snake guard. Add salt as needed. Cook until the gravy is thick. When done, turn off the heat.

  • To prepare the tempering , heat 2 tsp of ghee /clarified butter. When hot, add cumin seeds and dry red chillies. When the seeds start to splutter, add the curry leaves . Turn off the heat.

  • Add the tempering to the curry. Serve the snake guard curry with hot rice. This curry tastes awesome with warm phulkas too:)

  • You can replace the cashew nuts with  2 tbsp of semolina or suji.
  • You can replace ghee/ clarified butter with coconut oil.
  • You can use bottle guard instead of snake guard.


  1. The snake gourd curry looks delicious.I usually make a dry sabji with it, never tried it with coconut. Must try it out soon.

  2. This is one of my favorite curry. But I will add little moong dal to curry. This looks delicious:)

  3. Love this version of cooking snake gourd ! Looks very delicious...can't wait to try it!

  4. I love everything with coconut. This sounds delicious!

  5. That looks so delicious, Shubha. I can just imagine how delicious it is. What can you use if you can't find snake gourd?

    1. You can use bottleguard instead of snake guard:)

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