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Lab-e-Shireen is a delicious and rich Pakistani dessert. It has various layers of flavors but primarily it is a custard and fruit dish. This sweet treat not only looks so beautiful but is so refreshing to taste too. Lab-e-Shireen is very easy to prepare and makes an excellent dessert for parties.

I had tasted this dish sometime back (soon after Eid) at my friend Nigar's place. I have already mentioned in my post of Baghara Baingan, that Nigar is such an awesome cook. Every time I visit her, I am introduced to a fabulous new dish. So  when she got this dessert "Lab-e-Shireen" out of the fridge..I was totally spell looked so good.. I was just looking at it for a couple of minutes. It looked so marvelous that I did not feel like disturbing this heavenly looking dessert by putting a spoon in to this gorgeous looking bowl. This beautiful bowl of custard and fruit was garnished with pieces of jelly and blueberries. They looked as though pieces of gems were floating on the surface. Thanks Nigar for introducing me to this dessert:)

So I could not wait much longer to prepare this dessert at home. Soon after, I had a ladies tea party and I prepared this dessert and it was a big hit.  Since then, I have prepared it a couple of times:)

Note: All measurements are based on the US measuring cup and spoon sizes where 1 cup = 235 ml
  • Full Fat Milk : 1000 ml
  • Vanilla flavored custard powder : 6 tbsp
  • Sugar : 1/2 cup heaped (adjust according to taste)
  • Heavy whipping cream : 1 cup
  • Canned Mixed Fruit cocktail : 1 can (Net wt. 30 oz)
  • Finely chopped apples : 1 cup
  • Slivered almonds : 1/4 cup
  • Jelly : 2 different colors 
  • Vermicelli or Falooda  sev : fistful
  • Canned cherries : A handful
  • Prepare the jellies as per the instruction on the packet/cover and set them in 2 separate wide  vessels. Note: Choose two contrasting colors of jellies. We need thin pieces of jellies for garnish, hence use a wide mouthed vessel.

  • Cook the vermicelli or falooda sev in water. When done, drain the water and set the vermicelli aside.

  • Take away 1/2 cup of milk (from 1000 ml) and mix it with the custard powder.Set it aside.

  • Add sugar to the remainder of the 1000 ml milk and heat it until it comes to a boil.

  • When the milk comes to a boil, reduce the heat and slowly add the custard powder-milk solution, stirring continuously . Cook for about 5 minutes and turn off of the heat.Set it aside. Custard should be little thick.

  • When the custard has come to room temperature, add the cream and whisk it well.There should not be any lumps. 

  • Drain the fruits from the can. 

  • Add the drained fruit cocktail, chopped apples,cooked vermicelli, slivered almonds to the custard. Mix gently.

  • Add this fruit-custard mix to the serving bowl.
  • Cut the jelly into small pieces. Arrange them on the surface of the custard. Finish the garnish with some cherries. 

  • Cover and refrigerate until well chilled before serving.
  • Enjoy!!
Note: You can also add some angoor rasgullas at the end. Just squeeze the sugar syrup and then add the angoor rasgullas. They add a great texture to this fine dessert.
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