Friday, April 25, 2014

Spicy Schezwan Noodles

Indian chinese food is super delicious. I still remember my college days. We used to get good chinese food in the dental canteen but there was a restaurant near our college . Chinese food there was just out of this world. Chinese food is very easy to cook but sure takes some time in the prep work. There is a a lot of cutting and chopping involved. But when the end result is super tasty , its all worth it.
Schezwan noodles is one such recipe. In this recipe i have used the store bought Schezwan sauce / chutney. But soon in my future posts , i will share with you the recipe to make schezwan sauce at home.

So here is the recipe...


  • Ching's secret veg Hakka noodles (200 gms ) - 1 packet
  • Green beans - 15 numbers
  • Cabbage - 3/4th cup (shredded)
  • Capsicum - 1 medium (thin long slices)
  • Carrot - 1 large (thin long slices)
  • Onion - 1 medium (finely chopped)
  • Spring onion - 1 bunch (finely chopped)
  • Grated Ginger - 1 tbsp
  • Grated garlic - 1 tbsp
  • Oil -  1 tbsp
  • Soy sauce - 1 tbsp
  • Ching's secret Schezwan chutney (Not the schezwan sauce) - 3 tbsp (increase or decrease the amount depending on the spiciness you want)
  • Salt as per taste
  • Bring a big pot of water to boil. Add the noodles and some salt. Cook till they are almost cooked (al-dente). Once done, drain them  and run some cold water over it. This will stop the further cooking of the noodles. Now drizzles little oil  over the noodles and just run your fingers through the noodles. Adding of the oil will prevent the noodles from sticking. Keep these noodles aside.

  • Now heat 1 tbsp oil in a  thick bottomed pan. When the oil is hot add the onions and the grated ginger garlic (you may also add the white part of the spring onion at this point.).

  • When the onion has become translucent , increase the heat to high and start adding vegetables. Start with the vegetables that need more time to cook. So first add the green beans and the carrots. Mix well .

  • After cooking for a couple of minutes, add in the capsicum (bell pepper) and the cabbage and mix well. They will get cooked quickly so keep an eye. We do not want the cabbage to get mushy.

  • Add in the soy sauce.

  • Add in the SCHEZWAN CHUTNEY. Give it a good mix.

  • Now add in the spring onion greens. Mix well.

  • Now add in the cooked noodles and mix well.

  • If needed , add salt as per taste. (The soy sauce and the schezwan chutney do contain salt, so taste before adding further salt.)

  • Spicy Schezwan noodles is ready to eat...

Enjoy this spicy  noodles along with a soup of your choice...
I have used Ching's secret SCHEZWAN CHUTNEY . It is available in most indian stores. It is different than the schezwan sauce.



  1. Tried this today, came out very well.....Thank you. ..

  2. Tried this today, came out very well.....Thank you. ..

    1. @ supriya: Thanks for the trying it and writing back:)

    2. good old memories... and nicely described recipe.

  3. Hey ,
    thanks for writing!! would love to join ur site