Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Pesto Naan sandwich

Every one has their own special weekend routine..something that they need to do without fail.. You guys are going to laugh when I tell you what is a "must to do" Sunday activity.... Go shopping to COSTCO. You might ask why SUNDAY. The reason is every sunday, Costco has several stall of different food items to sample.  If you are new to COSTCO, I will tell you one thing. Costco sells great products.. good brands and a lot of variety. But sizes are huge. So when buying a new food product, I would feel much safer if I get to taste them before buying a huge pack and thats the reason my friends I  do a routine Costco visit on Sundays:)
So on one such Sunday visit, they had a stall where they were serving small sized tandoori naans . They were so good and moreover the size was of each of these Naans was just perfect.. Thats when the idea of a Naan Sandwich came to me. 

So once the bread was decided, the next step was deciding the sauce or chutney. Instead of using the traditional cilantro mint chutney, I decided to go with the pesto sauce.The rest was simple...layers of sliced veggies..add a slice of chees..voila sandwich is ready:)

  • Warm up the Naans in the oven preheated to  400 F (if using the naan at room temperature, heat them for 1 minute. If using refrigerated naans , then heat for about 2 minutes. If frozen, then about 4-5 minutes)

  • Now start assembling the ingredients. Take two pieces of warm naan pieces. Spread some pesto sauce on one side of both the pieces. On one piece of naan, place the sliced veggies in layers. I first placed tomatoes, then onions, then cucumbers then tomato again. Then, place a slice of cheese. Last add a fresh lettuce . Cover it with the other naan piece. 

  • Using a knife cut it in to two pieces. 

  • Vegetable Pesto naan sandwich is ready:)
Note:  You can also place the sandwich in a panini grill and heat the sandwich up until the cheese just starts to melt.


  1. Lovely innovative kind of sandwich.. Thank u Shubha for the recipe

  2. Looks yumm, love the idea of the mini naan's! Yes, each of us have the grocery shopping list to do on Sundays. We here visit the Sunday farmer;s market for fresh vegetables :)

  3. Inventive for a nice satisfying meal. Gorgeous visuals.

  4. Innovative one here Shubha..loved all your sandwich recipes

  5. I do this with bread slice. great idea of doing it with mini naans dear. Super delicious. YUMMY

  6. this is a fabulous idea!! so quick and so satisfying! wow!

  7. What an awesome looking Naan Sandwich! Super delish and full of yummy stuff! I am loving it! :)