Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Instant Dahi Vadas / Dahi Bhallas

Holi is just around the corner. Holi is a festival of colors and back home in India , it is celebrated with so much joy. I still remember my childhood days. Holi back home in India is celebrated with so much joy and fun. Half of the day is spent playing with colors and water balloons . We would then go home, freshen up . Then, usually there would be a large gathering  in the community where lunch would be served for the entire neighborhood:) Delicious dishes like Gujiyas, Gulab Jamuns, Dahi bhallas, Puran Polis, Gajar Halwa and drinks like thandai, Piyush etc would be served.

This year for Holi , I plan on making Dahi bhallas  but not the regular ones but an instant version. I have adapted the recipe from the recipe that I found here. It's easy to prepare and make an instant snack / appetizer. No fermenting, no grinding or frying needed. This recipe makes use of Jeera Biscuits (readily available in Indian stores).

So lets get cooking:)

Note: All measurements are based on the US measuring cup and spoon sizes where 1 cup = 235 ml
  • Jeera biscuit : 8
  • Yogurt : 3.5 cups (Yogurt needs to be of thin consistency. If using thick yogurt, dilute it with some milk )
  • Milk if needed to dilute the yogurt.
  • Sugar : 1.5 tbsp
  • Powdered black salt or regular salt as needed.
  • Dry roasted cumin powder : as needed
  • Red chilli powder : as needed
  • Chaat masala : as needed
  • Date tamarind chutney : as needed
  • Cilantro mint chutney : as needed

  • Whisk the yogurt until smooth. As mentioned above, use yogurt with a thinner consistency. If it is thick, then dilute it with milk.Add sugar and mix. Set it aside.

  • Take 8 jeera biscuits in  a microwave safe plate. Heat it in a microwave for 40 seconds. 
This is the Jeera biscuit that I bought from the Indian store.

  • Once heated, drop the biscuits in a bowl with water (water should be at room temperature, neither too hot nor too cold). Turn the biscuits in the water. After a minute, check the biscuits. They should be soft by now. If it not yet soft, wait for few more seconds.Note: DO NOT leave the biscuits in the water for a long time. They will start to disintegrate.

  • Squeeze the water from the biscuits by pressing them gently  in between the palms. Set it aside. Repeat the process with the other biscuits.

  • Now take a slightly deep bottomed serving plate. Pour little yogurt in the base of the plate. Place the biscuits  on the plate with some space in between. Pour some yogurt on top of the biscuits. Cover the plate  and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

  • Just before serving, sprinkle roasted cumin powder, red chilli powder, chaat masala powder and black salt or regular salt (Remember, add salt just before serving).Also add drops of cilantro-mint chutney and date-tamarind chutney. Lastly, garnish with cilantro and serve .



  1. Wow it is must-try recipe! What a great idea,Shubha.
    Happy Holi dear!

  2. Holi is not a significant day over here but I sure share the happiness with you. I like this savory this compared to the many Holi sweet desserts flooded in the blogging world. Lovely dish.

  3. This is one of my favorite recipe which I usually prepare in Holi.
    Great recipe BTW

  4. wonderful share dear, prepared beautifully. mouthwatering recipe and pictures. Thanks for sharing. Happy Holi:)

  5. Love the instant Dahi vadas, I'm sure they taste delicious!

  6. Oh my goodness! These super soft and spongy dahi vadas are making me drool! A must recipe for Holi. Hope you had a good one! Happy long weekend to you! :) <3

  7. Great variation of dahi vadas...Instant, soft and delicious.

  8. This looks really interesting, Shubha, and the picyures are mouth-watering.